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Day 236 – Big day

It’s a big day for my mummy… and though I didn’t get her any chocolate this year, a dear friend remembered my mum’s love for white chocolate and passed this on –

Delighted as she was, my mum got straight into them. I had to pass on thanks on her behalf as she was too busy munching away. Focusing on the important things at hand. Sounds familiar… well, I am my mother’s daughter.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 231 – Found you

Lookie what I found at the HOFEX –

They’re looking for distributors in Hong Kong, so I hope someone signed up with them because I would love to be able to find them in more places (not too many, but just a few more!). He kindly let us try an 80% dark which was surprisingly soft and sweeter than any 80% I’ve ever tried!! I wanted more, but he could tell we weren’t serious buyers or going to help his business grow, so he put the chocolate away and we moved on, wanting more.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 214 – Compromise

My mum’s love for white chocolate and mine for good chocolate such as Montezuma (see post #38) –

It was indeed creamy and white, almost like a Cadbury Dream bar (not a fan) but with a little more finesse. Maybe that’s just me attributing that to a Great British brand… oh well. My mum seemed to like it, and as far as white chocolate goes, that’s pretty good.


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Day 174 – Too good for you

A friend was given this bar to try and she kindly shared with me…

Stephen James Luxury Organics Choco Bar – it’s almost a fashion label that begs for an elite clientele. The packaging it cute and attractive, with quite a different sort of style to the whole raw food organic nature of the product and the luxury angle this brand is taking. Either way, the bar looks exactly as pictured on the website, so expectations will easily be met.

The bar itself was chocka full of nuts and seeds held together with the dates and flower nectar. I don’t doubt that it’s incredibly healthy and good for you, and each item is raw, pre-soaked and dehydrated ensuring all the goodness remains within. It seems like the perfect bar for a raw foodist!

I peeled off a section of the bar, it was quite soft and sticky. It was sweet (of the natural kind)… and nutty… got a little stuck in the teeth which I worked out… hmm I wasn’t sure about it. It’s not the sort of thing that floats my boat, but if I was in desperate need of a snack and had nothing else around I’d have one of these easily. A few moments later I found myself going for another bit. It wasn’t that bad, and it was starting to grow on me a bit. Or maybe it’s the moreish factor of the nuts? Who knows.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Day 173 – Super deal

After lunch we were sauntering around three sixty today and of course ended up browsing through the chocolate selection, which has extended it’s display to accommodate the Easter delectables.

Then we saw these….

What a deal!! $5 for Green & Black’s Maya Gold, an ultimate favourite of mine (as per post #17 ). Provided the expiry date is this Saturday, there’s still a good 4 days till then! So two slabs were bought and they’ve pretty much been consumed with a little help from some other dark chocolate lovers. Any friend of chocolate is a friend of mine.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 150 – Dark oj

Decided to get into this dark orange today as I seem to be building up quite a stash –

I don’t even remember how I came by this one, Newman’s Own Organics. There seems to be a growing number of products readily available that are organic and affiliated with some environmental organisation or something… this one is indeed organic and rainforest alliance certified. Maybe there are more people becoming earth conscious and active. That’s a good thing.

This chocolate being only 54% wasn’t too dark nor was it that sweet. Perhaps with the organic nature of all the ingredients (organic evaporated cane juice, organic chocolate liquor, organic cocoa butter, organic soy lecithin and organic vanilla) the flavour is a little less intense. I’m not saying it was bad, I did my fair share of damage in the first sitting! It’s a solid piece of chocolate, that requires quite a bite, and it’s subtleness makes it easy to eat. I didn’t notice much of an orange flavour.

Rating: 4/5

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Day 126 – Four thirty six

Ok I realise writing numbers won’t mean anything to anyone, but it doesn’t really matter. What does matter are these:

Well it should be singular, as there was only one left at the time of taking this pic. I had decidedly consumed the rest with a little help over the past few days. Good old Pam’s. Wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free dark chocolate chocolate chunk cookies! You know they mean busy when ‘chocolate’ is used twice in the name. Yep.

They’re quite a treat really, especially when you’re on such a specific diet and they actually taste pretty good! Again, as with most chocolate chip cookies, have them a little warmed with a glass of milk – mmm perfecto (try almond or coconut if you can’t do the cow milk version).

Rating: 5/5

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Day 125 – 73% chocolove

Not the most original of names, but when it comes to chocolate, it seems to be the most obvious thing to say choco + love.

This bar was pretty dark, though it wasn’t overly bitter. I had to mull on it for a while and let the flavours unfold on my palate. It was quite a lovely piece, but I’m just not sure how much I like it.

Rating: hmm between 4-4.5/5

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Day 108 – Canadian treat

This bar was brought back from Canada especially for this blog:D Don’t we feel special?

Cocoa Camino is organic fairtrade chocolate from Cuba, and their mission is to help bring about change through what we eat –

Welcome to the path, or in Spanish, the camino. Your purchase of a Camino product is a step forward on the path towards change. Through the joy of eating good food, you are contributing to building vibrant, sustainable communities here and throughout Central America, South America and Southeast Asia.

We joined the joyful food revolution with this almond and cranberry bar of 71% dark chocolate. It was a nicely sized bar, and the first two pieces went down a treat! Lovely and dark, it wasn’t too bitter and the cranberries added a little tartness while the slivers of almonds made for a welcomed texture. I was contemplating sharing it, but time went on and I realised I had finished the whole thing! Hey, it was only 40g, so it could happen to anyone!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 73 – Taste of equality

You never feel bad eating chocolate, especially one that supports a good cause! Equal Exchange is a brand that works with local and small-scale farmers and their families to ensure they receive support and fair trades for their produce such as coffee, tea, sugar, bananas and of course cocoa and chocolate.

This organic dark orange tasted surprisingly bitter, to which someone guessed it at 80-85%… perhaps the organic nature of the ingredients lent to it being drier and less sweet, giving the impression it was darker than it seemed – it was only 65%!

The orange flavour wasn’t very strong, and it was a quite a hard bar so it could be nicely gnawed away at to pass time. It wasn’t my most favourite of oj chocos, but it’s nice to support the cause.

Rating: 3/5

*The soundtrack of this post is a stunning piece by Max Richter.

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