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Day 365 – Last day!

Oh wow, it’s already the 365th day of this chocolate blog and to finish we have a delicious piece from Frey’s – Dark Lemon and Pepper. An intriguing bar and flavour, it wasn’t a difficult choice on whether to get it or not. Frey’s is notorious for their quality Swiss chocolate and this one was no exception.

The tartness of the lemon is evident on the first bite and the subtle pepper lingers on the palate. A delightful piece to finish off the meal, an evening and even this blog!

Thanks for joining me on this journey and this is by no means the end! There are many more chocolates to discover and enjoy and I’ll take great pleasure in doing so.

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Day 313 – Kapok

Venturing out into the back alleys of Admiralty, I finally come across kapok, a design concept store I’ve been meaning to check out. I had been told to go here with someone, because we’d both enjoy it… Hmm set up much? This time I was quite glad to explore on my own. I had my own agenda.

Waiting for my cuppa, I browsed the counter top which was adorned in chocolates hailing from afar. There was a very minimalistic designed packaging, which I always find intriguing, but it was this one that I decided to go for, Dolfin’s dark chocolate with pink peppercorns:

Definitely and interesting flavour I hadn’t come across before. Taking a seat at the back, I sip my coffee and take my time getting into the chocolate. Luckily it’s a small 30g bar, and I break off a piece and nibble at it and ended up putting the whole thing in my mouth. The chocolate is indeed dark, and the peppercorns are whole and peppery (no surprise there). I wasn’t sure how much I liked it, as you have to crunch through the corns, and they’re really hard! Imagine your teeth being the pepper grinder! I think I prefer a more subtle peppery flavour if there was one in my chocolate.

Rating: 3/5

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Day 14 – Zesty & white

I just had to do a grocery run and as you do, you whip around the store picking up the basics – veg, dairy, pasta, cans… and then when it comes to the confectionary and snacks section, you start slowly meandering through the aisles. Or maybe it’s just me, I admit I have a love affair with supermarkets.

So I was taking my sweet time checking out the chocolate section trying to find something for today’s post, then BAM this caught my eye.

Mövenpick of Switzerland – Swiss Chocolate White Lemon. How grand does that sound? I particularly like their description:

Because creative minds derive pleasure from their own ideas and enjoy developing new creations. Be tempted by a really special Mövenpick creation: enjoy WHITE LEMON, the fascinating combination of white Swiss chocolate and refreshing pieces of lemon, rounded off with a subtle hint of pepper.

Though I’m not one to go for white chocolate as you may have already figured (they’re too sweet!) my mum prefers it so thought this would be a lovely ‘treat for her and at the same time be a new subject to sample.

And what a treat it was for me too! The fine bar comes wrapped in gold foil (I always like when they do this) and I accidentally broke off 4 sections to try, hey they were smaller than I expected! Either way, it was absolutely divine! Sweet, zesty lemon and lime and the hint of cracked pepper brought out the flavours beautifully. It was incredibly creamy and it was like having the smoothest and lightest cheesecake melt in my mouth. I understand why they suggest small servings.. but it didn’t stop me having a few more pieces before passing it to my mum.

Less than 15mins later, I went back and had a few more pieces.. just two. Definitely recommend having it chilled, but heed the warning, being white chocolate it is super sweet, so stick to the sections.

Rating: 5/5

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