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Day 229 – Naka naka

Naka – I don’t actually know what that means, but it sounds cute and it’s the name of this bar we tried recently –

It was quite solid, and had a strong minty flavour. The kind that fills and evaporates throughout your mouth. I didn’t get much of a chocolate taste though. Afterwards, I had a terrible itchy throat… I don’t know if it was as a result of the bar or what was in it. It was a raw bar, so maybe it was. It didn’t leave me with any positive lasting memories of it. I don’t think I’ll have another one of these again!

Rating: 1/5

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Day 174 – Too good for you

A friend was given this bar to try and she kindly shared with me…

Stephen James Luxury Organics Choco Bar – it’s almost a fashion label that begs for an elite clientele. The packaging it cute and attractive, with quite a different sort of style to the whole raw food organic nature of the product and the luxury angle this brand is taking. Either way, the bar looks exactly as pictured on the website, so expectations will easily be met.

The bar itself was chocka full of nuts and seeds held together with the dates and flower nectar. I don’t doubt that it’s incredibly healthy and good for you, and each item is raw, pre-soaked and dehydrated ensuring all the goodness remains within. It seems like the perfect bar for a raw foodist!

I peeled off a section of the bar, it was quite soft and sticky. It was sweet (of the natural kind)… and nutty… got a little stuck in the teeth which I worked out… hmm I wasn’t sure about it. It’s not the sort of thing that floats my boat, but if I was in desperate need of a snack and had nothing else around I’d have one of these easily. A few moments later I found myself going for another bit. It wasn’t that bad, and it was starting to grow on me a bit. Or maybe it’s the moreish factor of the nuts? Who knows.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Day 37 – Not so hot

Ok so I tried another one of Conscious‘ chocolates, and again it failed to live up to expectations (see day 7). This ‘chili hot’ version wasn’t very strong and there was hardly a tingle of hotness on my tongue. It was quite dry and crumbly too.. are all raw chocolates like this or did I just get a bad run of theirs? I want to like them, I really do. But flavour and texture goes a long way!

Rating: 0/5

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Day 7 – Something a little fruity

This particular chocolate is both handmade and raw! The packaging is cute and easy to open pocket, though it’s design is a little too targeted to the female population for my liking. But I guess it worked, because I bought it!

This Fruit Fantasy Conscious bar comes wrapped in grease proof like paper and was quite chunky for it’s small size. I found this raw chocolate very grainy and dry compared to the other one I demolished on day 2. The fruity part wasn’t very fruity nor was it flavoursome, I was expecting something a little juicer. It just lacked the smooth richness that chocolate should have. So I was a little disappointed as it looked so promising!

On their site, their mission is

To create delicious dark chocolate has always been the vision of Conscious Chocolate. Our range is as healthy as it is luxurious. Our mandate is that everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, can enjoy the variety of chocolate we make.

It’s suitable for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, coeliacs and raw foodists and overall is incredibly healthy. It all sounds good, but it just really wasn’t my cuppa tea, I didn’t even finish the bar… that speaks for itself.

Rating: kinda feel bad if I give it a 0 so 0.5/5

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Day 2 – Some like it raw

Cacao that undergoes none or minimal processing and is free of additives is called raw chocolate. It is said to be the best way to enjoy the benefits of dark chocolate i.e. high in antioxidants, good source of magnesium, sulphur and other trace minerals and promotes alertness. Not to mention, the happy factor we all love:D As raw chocolate is taken directly from the cacao bean it is available unsweetened or with unrefined sweeteners – just to take that edge off.

I came across this bar whilst in New Zealand. I LOVE dark mint chocolate, so I didn’t have to think twice before putting in the basket.

The brand is Loving Earth, and has a “healthy – sustainable – fair” ethos and this chocolate is made from 72% organic raw cacao and sweetened with organic raw agave. (Disclaimer: please excuse the appearance of the packaging, something leaked on it!)

The chunky bar comes wrapped in gold foil paper to keep the freshness and is divided into handy 6 sections. The first bite was dark a little grainy due to the raw chocolateness and the fresh crunchy mint bits were delightful! I quickly munched down the rest of the piece and let the flavour mull on my palate. The aftertaste of the mint was refreshing and surprisingly lasting. For raw chocolate it’s exceptionally good… ALSO it’s organic, kosher and supports the Satipo community in Peru by buying the raw ingredients for more than 15% of the fair trade price – woah I’d eat that. Well I did. And I realise I didn’t take a picture of the actual bar, I accidentally finished it while I was out today and have only the foil left, and it would be mean to post an image of just that now wouldn’t it?!

You’ll just have to get this one yourself – click here.

Rating: A BIG 5/5

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