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Day 383 – Milky corn

It’s almost expected that when someone in the office goes away has to bring back snacks… This is one that came back recently – Hokkaido Hori Corn Chocolate. Intriguing!

They are wrapped individually and the popped corn stick is covered in milky white chocolate. It’s sweet, a little salty from the corn and creamy. Not altogether bad, but not something I could eat copious amounts of! I think I’ll leave the rest to my colleagues.


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Day 343 – Sasha

That name makes me think of a dog or something else, not chocolate… but this is what I picked up by the checkout counter (darn those marketers) especially since it was on special, I thought I’d give it a go.

Interesting lattice chocolate of white and dark individually chocolate (a very Japanese thing) great for sharing or keeping for a while, but it’s rather a waste of plastic and materials!

Needless to say I opened them before class even started and had my first bite of Sasha… hmmm it was harder and less creamy than I expected. There wasn’t much chocolate flavour and in fact, it tasted like off chocolate (perhaps it was given the bright green special sticker on it!). Throughout class, I kept opening the little packets and munching away, a mindless distraction as a pile of wrappers grew silently on the desk. Hmm maybe I should share this with the rest of the class, but given that it was anything spectacular and could be expired thought best not to.

Still not sure about them, they’re pretty, but they really lack flavour… now what am I going to do with the rest of the box?!

Rating: 2/5

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Day 236 – Big day

It’s a big day for my mummy… and though I didn’t get her any chocolate this year, a dear friend remembered my mum’s love for white chocolate and passed this on –

Delighted as she was, my mum got straight into them. I had to pass on thanks on her behalf as she was too busy munching away. Focusing on the important things at hand. Sounds familiar… well, I am my mother’s daughter.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 195 – White is left

Since white is not right, does it make it left? Well in the case of what chocolates that I leave alone, they tend to be. I still haven’t found a white chocolate that I could consume copious amounts of in one sitting. It just makes me feel so sickly! I’m sure my mum begs to differ.

These are some of hers that I sampled, which brings us back to the Ritter brand which was mentioned a few posts back –

Smooth and creamy milk, the sweetness isn’t as bad as others we’ve had. But one square it enough for me. I’m happy to walk away from the table with a bar unfinished. It’s the white that’s left.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Day 175 – Never give up

We had been eying the dark chocolate torte and cups of chocolate mousse lined up on the counter next to us all the way through lunch. We really should have listened to our inner voices which said to take some with our appetizers, but no we didn’t. We spent another 30 minutes enjoying our mains, delicious as they were, to find as our plates were taken away and we rose to collect our much awaited chocolate prize, that there were no more!! What the what!?!!!

New French restaurant Brass serving Michelin star dishes has a special 30% discount as their soft opening and you have to make a reservation as it’s been fully booked and today, people were turned away at the door. The salad and dessert bar were welcoming but we were saddened by the lack of chocolate to finish off our meal. We gently pleaded with our waiter Joe to search the kitchen for something of a chocolate nature. After several attempts he managed to return with these –

Creamy white chocolate shells with beautiful pearly pink damask prints. I never understand how they make things like this, but I definitely know how to appreciate them. Each were quite weighty little things, and surprisingly firm. I had to bite into it to crack it open and there was a fairly thick shell that was sweet and creamy. My mum would definitely enjoy these. Was still a little sad that we didn’t have the other chocolate desserts, but that just means we have to go back for more!

Rating: 4.5/5 (it wasn’t dark chocolate)

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Day 144 – Spanish desire

A dear friend was in town recently and she generously bestowed upon me a few chocolates that her and her husband export to Australia and HK. Spanish artisan chocolatier Blanxart produces ecological tasty delights and this was one that I’ve been able to enjoy –

Bric cafe (beginning from the inside out) the honey roasted almond center is covered in smooth white chocolate, followed by a layer of dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of coffee powder!! Wow.

This amazing cauldron of flavours and textures sound astounding and they truly are. I tried eating one slowly peeling back each layer with my tastebuds, which was interesting. But I think the best and only way of enjoying this little ball of delight is to pop the whole thing into your mouth and munch away! Seriously, the flavours blend amazingly and yet stand distinguishably on their own. And it was irresistible. I had to close and put the box away several times but each time, brought it back out again. It can be bought in HK, I will find out where and let you know. Maybe.

Rating: 5/5 YES!

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Day 139 – Noisy wrappers

I had the pleasure of presenting this to my mum tonight, a gift from a friend who remembered how much she adored white chocolate.

I heard the wrapper unfolding and opening in the other room and knew my mum wasted no time enjoying its contents. Whittaker’s White is smooth and creamy, and incredibly milky! Not the sweetest of whites that I’ve encountered, but this solidified milky cocoa mass melted evenly in the mouth. It was a sobering delight…

And sobering thoughts turn to family and friends in nz as they deal with the devastation from monday’s quake.. it certainly makes you appreciate life and loved ones.

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Day 137 – Fantastic sweetness

I love how exuberant those two words are together. For some reason it has an Australian accent when you say it. It just sounds right.

White Melody Milk Chocolate Tuile.. was actually white chocolate sandwiched between vanilla cripsy thin cookies. It was quite pleasant and would have gone nicely with a coffee or a cuppa.

I was more engrossed in the packaging, particular with their innocent and child-like enthusiasm –

“This milk chocolate & tuile is splendid in taste. It is fantastic sweetness. Fantastic Sweetness.

The repetitiveness of the last statement tickles me and it’s as though they’re trying to convince us of how incredibly fantastic this really is, so that when you eat them you really believe it!

Rating: 4/5 (bonus for the amusement factor)


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Day 129 – White beauty

This beautifully packaged chocolate is by a Japanese brand Mary’s – cle de cacao.

As you readers know by know, white chocolate is not a favourite of mine, but this one was white orange peel, which I’ve never come across it before, so I had to try it!

I must say this is one of the better whites I’ve had. Smooth, light and surprisingly not very sweet at all! The orange peel added texture and zest, making it a delight on the palate. It’s only a small package and it’s one I’m trying to savor slowly as I don’t know when I’ll ever get to have it again.

Rating: 5/5


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Day 89 – Continuing the festivities

Never really the white chocolate fan, I didn’t indulge in this Lindor ball over the holidays, but picked up a mixed box the other day just to compare the flavours and also to keep the festive season going.

To be honest, I love them all so proceeded to unwrap and devour them in rapid succession. The white ones were not as sweet as I imagined them to be and were deliciously creamy and smooth. I saved a few for my mum as she’s an avid white chocolate eater… though before I could take any photos she had already finished them!! They certainly were good. Will have to get some more:)

Rating: 5/5

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