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Day 20 – Seven layers of heaven

This is what I want now…

Renown pastry chef Etienne Izaroqui crafted the desserts and pastries for epoch coffee bar & desserterie and this Valrhona 7-Layer Chocolate Cake is a taste of chocolate heaven.

Just read the description and you will be left dreaming for a bite of this

Rich Valrhona Caraibe (66%) chocolate in 7-different manifestations, each with a different texture- from the smooth chocolate mousse to the crunchy feuilletine (French wafer) base. Exceptionally time-intensive to make, each layer is laid down and set before the next is added.

These are the 7 layers from bottom to top:
Chocolate feuilletine (crunchy wafer flakes)
Chocolate ganache
Chocolate sponge cake
Whisky cocoa syrup
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate glaze
Thin chocolate on top

At a launch party held there, we waited for them to fill up the plates each time and proceeded to consume them bite after bite (good thing they were in handy 2 bite party size). I don’t think I ate much else!

Seriously it’s layers of goodness, so you should definitely go and try it if you’re in HK. They have shops on Star Street, Admiralty and in Taikoo Place.

Rating: 5/5

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