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Day 391 – Chocolate thief

I had been called into my boss’ office for a meeting and saw a bright pink box on her desk. Fauchon Paris Gout No5 Noir Fruite. It had been there while she was away on a business trip but I never ventured in to explore its contents.. But today I was feeling bold and as she was searching for something on her computer I leaned over and flipped it open (great packaging design) and popped one in my mouth.*

Smooth dark chocolate covered almonds and hazelnuts, and they always say nuts are moreish… I couldn’t stop with these!! I kept flipping the little door open to help myself to another, saying to my boss ‘these are really good!’ She agreed, without turning and continued doing her thing.

Someone else walked into the room for a quick meeting so I quietly made my escape with a chocolate almond for the road.

House Fauchon Paris has been around since 1886 when it opened it’s first store in Paris. During the Second World War they had an agreement with Air France to import gourmet products and exotic fineries from all over the world. From bakeries, restaurants, wine stores, tea houses, chocolates and macaroons, Fauchon eludes luxury in everything that bears it’s name. Following a traditional French collection style, the House has created their range of chocolates under 6 numbers, 6 identities, 6 designer brands. I have actually tried another one of their products a while ago No.2.

*I do not recommend trying this on your boss or superior, I work for a friend’s family so I do get a little leeway.


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