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Day 4 – Cookie monster

As far as chocolate chip cookies go, I like the soft and slightly chewy kinds, with lots of chunky choco bits… hmm think Cookietime’s Triple Chocolate Chunk! However, given my dietary requirements of consuming only wheat free foods, I have to find other options…

These are the chocolate chip cookies from Pamela’s that come in a handy mini size and resealable bag.

Being “all natural, wheat-free, gluten-free and non-diary” they are a little on the dry side, though there’s enough choco chips to keep you happy. AND because they’re so small, you keep eating them! I think I’ve just had about 12 in a go…! Had some friends who are wheat and gluten eaters try these cookies, and they weren’t very impressed. It’s a little sad that our taste buds are so tailored to certain foods particularly wheat flour, and so alternatives such as rice flour, tapioca flour just don’t seem to taste right.

I think a glass of milk and warming them up a bit would help.

Rating: can I give two ratings? 2.5/5 or in wheat/gluten free standards 4/5

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