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Day 374 – Ho amazing?

I am so easily influenced when it comes to chocolate, it is my weakness my kryptonite. My colleague tried a tiny little cake and loudly professed how amazing it was, and placed it on my desk to have a look/try if I could. Quickly browsing at the packaging I was dubious to the amazingness of it’s contents and the ingredients reminded me that I would feel adverse effects if I were to consume it. Nonetheless, beg the push over that I am when it comes to things of chocolate, I made a decision that the sacrifice could be worth it and I had to try it to make sure… and so I did.

Sweet, with a notable coffee flavour the bite sized cake was soft and palatable. To say it was ‘ho ho amazing’ might have been an overstatement as it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had but it definitely wasn’t the worst. It was not bad and perhaps for you gluten and wheat eating people out here it is ho amazing.


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Day 371 – Better than sex?

A friend had posted a picture of a chocolate cake on instagram with the caption ‘better than sex’ as expected she has numerous comments, with a few in reference to her husband! Her defence was ‘its cake!’

Indeed Mrs B’s has a chocolate with that name. It was recently purchased for a birthday and though I couldn’t try it given its gluten and wheat content, the verdict was mixed but it was unanimous that it was an amazing chocolate cake. The honey comb chocolate topping was pretty good!


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Day 367 – Not a brownie

At the end of our impromptu dinner tonight we looked through the menu for something to share. The options included a chocolate sundae, chocolate fondant or chocolate brownies. Given that the brownie came in several pieces with scoops of ice cream we figured it’ll be the easiest to share. When it came u peered at it saying matter-of-factly “that’s not a brownie” which it clearly wasn’t. With a thin layer of chocolate icing the cake textured dessert sat in front of us. Nonetheless it still tasted good, as did the creamy vanilla ice cream and thick chocolate sauce on the side… But it wasn’t a brownie!


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Day 316 – Want cake

Started watching the Australian junior master chef and it’s the most amazing thing ever! The kids range from 9-12 years old and come up with creative and delicious looking dishes, and they’re so sweet and encouraging to one another. Quite the change from watching Gordon Ramsey’s masterchefs!

This episode had them making Donna Hay’s four-tiered chocolate cake

It looks scrumptious! The junior masterchefs came up with their own versions of this, cooking and decorating it with cream cheese icing, chocolate covered strawberries, cream filled berries… and the judges had to try each one of them. If only I was one of them!! mmmm wish list.

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Day 211 – Sweet farewells

Time to say goodbye… a colleague celebrated (if that’s the appropriate word) her last day today, and it was sad to see her leave as she was my coffee buddy. Yes we did enjoy one last cup together… awww. Maybe I’ll start reducing how much I drink now… we’ll see.

There was much joking and laughter floating around the office, and after a long lunch she kindly provided us all with lovely baked goods from Maxim’s Cakes. Knowing my dietary needs, she bought me a coffee and some extra little treats (these weren’t chocolate). BUT I decided to have a sliver of one of the chocolate tart/cake things –

OK, it was more than a sliver and it was surprisingly dense and a little dry. I wasn’t expecting that. The icing layer was made of thick chocolate and was sweet, so balanced out the cakey-ness. It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t something that I’d gorge over ultimately making myself sick. So thought best to leave the rest for someone else to enjoy.

Rating: 1.5/5

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Day 191 – Classic slice

I do enjoy a good chocolate cake. One that’s moist and rich, chocolately and there must be a soft chocolate icing on top.

This piece was enjoyed at Wagyu Lounge as part of a lunch set and of course it wasn’t gluten or wheat free I couldn’t resist and picked up my fork. It was a small piece anyway!

Rating: 4.5/5

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Day 118 – Pleasures cake

I had to pick up a cake for a colleague’s birthday and decided to try one from Break Talk. This one looked interesting as it was called “Pleasures” and I wasn’t sure what was in it as there was no other description, but this is what it looked like:

It was definitely interesting, with a dark chocolate mousse like layer, a vanilla sponge and a biscuit base and it had a strong chocolate smell as we opened the box! I didn’t really eat the cake or base, but the mousse was rich, thick and creamy and was delicious!

Rating: 4/5

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