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Day 233 – Cupcake shower

Yumyumyum… these 55 cupcakes were made specially for a baby shower, and they were gluten free!! I know you’re skeptical and think that even though they look pretty good, they really can’t taste as great as normal ones. BUT you’re wrong. The cupcakes were chocolate, of course, and had a sweet chocolate or vanilla icing on top with little ‘c’ cut out for decoration (the baby name will begin with C). I only had the double chocolate ones, and they were absolutely amazing!!! Sufficiently sweet and moist, there were bits of chocolate inside too. I overheard another chocolate lover comment in disgust at people leaving half eaten cupcakes on the table as they were ‘too sweet’ to eat!!! What the what?!! They didn’t deserve to eat them in the first place.

Rating: 5/5

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Posted by on May 28, 2011 in chocolate, gluten free


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