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Day 389 – Casa Nini

I was getting a little grumpy as dinner at a friends was pushed back to 9pm, well that’s web we were to come over, dinner itself wouldn’t commence till a bit later. That all disappeared when I saw the dining area set up with a colourful patterned table cloth, appetisers nicely played and a menu, how cute! An array of Central American delights sounded tantalising but it was the dessert that caught my eye (doesn’t it always?!) – “15 minute” chocolate torte served with ice cream and berries.

The chef shared that the ingredients consisted of 70% dark chocolate, eggs and butter. No sugar! It was divine. moist and rich, the sweetness and creaminess of vanilla ice cream and tart raspberries balanced it well.


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Day 377 – Gluten free please

After a big brunch lunch, I ordered a long black and decided I wanted something sweet to go with it. The cabinet had an array of delicious items but nothing was labelled gluten free so I had to ask them which ones I can could enjoy. The first thing she said was chocolate torte and I didn’t listen to the rest.

It was served with a potter of cream and dusted icing on top and was suburb! I forgot how full I was and ignored the conversation going on, and ploughed into it!! I was definitely full and equally satisfied by the time I had finished.


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Day 288 – Last torte

In celebrating a farewell, the secret preparation of torte above was passed on to another so they could continue the tradition of sharing this chocolate feast in the creator’s absence. Made from Lindt 70% dark chocolate, eggs and butter this torte is sugarfree and flourless and it was all mine – whoop! Of course being the generous person I am, especially when it comes to chocolate, I sliced a few pieces for everyone, and then I went back for another, and another and later on another.

The remaining half now lies awaiting for me in the fridge, and I will enjoy devouring it over the next day or less.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 100 – Monumentous

Ok I know that’s not a real word, but you know what I mean. 100 days of chocolate is quite an achievement and for today we have a scrumptious homemade chocolate torte:

We were too excited to eat it that I forgot to take a picture, so here’s the last slice. The torte was made of 80% dark chocolate and was divine! Accompanied by homemade strawberry sauce that was the perfect blend of being tart and sweet, and cream the dark torte went smoothly down. It had a brownie like texture, more importantly a two-bite brownie, which I adore!!

In addition this decadent dessert was gluten free, which just goes to show that there are some amazing desserts for those who are unable to enjoy the commonly found off the counter baked goods. I believe this was a well and tested recipe by Delia, so look it up!

Rating: 5/5

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