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Day 314 – Distraction

Class day. That meant snacks and ones that would keep me entertained and awake throughout the 3 hours that followed.

As I rounded the aisle with some other edible purchases, this caught my eye – Notably, the coffee + chocolate combination in Meiji’s Coffee Beat tube:

Suddenly struck by a nostagia for my espresso pillows (I actually had been thinking about them earlier that day!), I picked them up and headed to the check out counter.

After a mere 10 minutes into class, I was getting into the packaging (quietly) and proceeded to open the cardboard tube – I had a little giggle as there are the cutest little characters on the inside when you take the lid off (now you just have to go buy some to find out what they look like ha). Popping a handful of them I was actually blanked a bit from what the tutor was saying and stared intently at the tube, whilst turning it over in my hand. A-MAZING!! Seriously, it’s been a while since I’ve come across any chocolate that I really really like, and this one just caught me off guard. With a crunchy sugar shell, the chocolate inside is coffee flavoured, and it’s surprisingly strong. Imagine, coffee flavoured M&Ms hmmm… apparently M&Ms do have a mocha flavour, but I haven’t come across them yet. Wishlist.

Anyway, back to this amazing discovery – I continued to munch down most of the tube, while falling behind the rest of the class, and having ask someone what we were doing. Distracted by chocolate. Good excuse.

Rating: 5/5

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