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Day 390 – Chocolate capsule

Today we had a visit from a local coffee company who were presenting their capsule machines for home/office use. The slim machine looked sleek in black and metal trimmings. It held a litre of water, a simple 4 button operation and a lever to plug in the capsule. Very cute. Little did I expect was that they had a chocolate capsule!

The guy went on to explain that the concept and capsules were from Germany by a company who always have a chocolate brand – Kruger! I eagerly awaited to try the hot chocolate.

We went through three coffees (which I’m not complaining about) – the single Colombian and espresso blend were surprisingly good. None of us were in the mood for the teas so we skipped that and went for the chocolate.

The glass used was an espresso glass and the lady demonstrating ran the machine to give a longer pour as it usually is for a larger cup.

The crema, if you can call it that for hot chocolate was beautifully silky and fluffy, like whipped egg whites and the chocolate liquid filled the glass creating a few inches of warm inviting goodness.

I went straight in for a sip… It was thick and rich, and full of chocolatey flavour! So many capsule/pod based chocolates are either very watery or powdery. This was neither. The others had a sip to taste and I finished it off.

Definitely a satisfying cup! They kindly left the machine with us to trial and boxes of samples to try the different flavours of coffees, teas and of course the chocolate. Later that afternoon I made myself another long chocopresso. Yes. That word is made up.



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Day 365 – Last day!

Oh wow, it’s already the 365th day of this chocolate blog and to finish we have a delicious piece from Frey’s – Dark Lemon and Pepper. An intriguing bar and flavour, it wasn’t a difficult choice on whether to get it or not. Frey’s is notorious for their quality Swiss chocolate and this one was no exception.

The tartness of the lemon is evident on the first bite and the subtle pepper lingers on the palate. A delightful piece to finish off the meal, an evening and even this blog!

Thanks for joining me on this journey and this is by no means the end! There are many more chocolates to discover and enjoy and I’ll take great pleasure in doing so.

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Day 364 – Exhibitionist

A chocolate exhibit is now on display at the Field Museum, showcasing chocolate from around the world. I wanna go there!!

Check out the chocolate exhibit gallery

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Day 363 – Mint as

Peppermint creams, sweet minty fondant filling surrounded by a dark thick chocolate coating. You really can’t go wrong with these. Cadbury’s UK has certainly created a winner with Fry’s Peppermint Creams:

Rating: 5/5

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Day 362 – Wide load

Mrs B’s cake bag is bigger than me!!

A new little cakery in Gough St, with beautifully designed cakes refridgerated in glass houses, they are pieces of art! Tasty ones too.

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Day 361 – That chocolate thing

This name for Bubba Gump’s dessert cracks me up and I said it repeatedly before and throughout the meal, “I want that chocolate thing!” With a great view of the National Day fireworks, and celebrating a birthday, we were all in good spirits and filling up on the spread before us. But that didn’t stop me from remembering my core reason for being here. So when the dessert time came around I immediately stated what I wanted and it soon came along:

A chocolate flourless pudding with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The jar was overflowing and I didn’t hesitate to dig my spoon in. hmmm… it was rather disappointing! There wasn’t much pudding, and all my spoon fished out was the sauce, which seemed artificially thickened and flavourless. It wasn’t gluten free for sure. With deflated excitement, I poked around at the ice cream and sauce for a while and felt jipped.

Rating: 1/5

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Day 360 – Old school

During school if we had a banana, we’d get a chocolate bar and borrow a knife from the kitchen and cut into the banana, put in pieces of chocolate and zap it in the microwave. Healthy I know. And so after an indulgent meal, I decided to pull out my culinary skills and recreate this amazing dessert using a Toblerone. Winner!

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Day 359 – Typhoon nesat

It was pure joy waking up to realise it was T8 and after confirming that all the meetings/interviews were cancelled for the day, I was unable to go back to sleep and decided to spend some time in the kitchen. While some gluten free muesli was in the oven, I wanted to try a new muffin recipe, and with the limited ingredients that I had I adapted a recipe, adding things and replacing things as best I could. The result wasn’t too bad, gluten free chocolate cranberry muffins:

Definitely better with a coffee!

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Day 358 – Ultimate dark

This Australian bar from Ernest Hillier boasts the ultimate dark chocolate experience with this rich, dark and decadent bar. Up for the challenge, I gave it a go. It bar is chunky and thick and you have to break off a quite a sizable piece! It is indeed dark, but rather sweet too, perhaps it’s the 53% cocoa and high quantity of sugar in it. I wasn’t sure how much I liked it, but due to a lack of other food available, I continued to munch away at this bar throughout the day, scoffing it down as my life depended on it. It certainly isn’t a terrible bar, but whether it’s one I would buy again for pure indulgence sake I’m not so sure.

Rating: 4/5

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Day 357 – Lingini fini

This place came highly recommended, despite not being able to eat much from the menu with the pastas, pizzas and breads, I still really enjoyed the place. The ambience evokes more of a New York feel, and I like the decor and layout of the place. The produce is freshly made and sourced from local farms which is a great concept I believe more restaurants should grab hold of.

Sadly there was no dessert I was able to enjoy, apart from sorbet, but I didn’t want that. My dining companions ordered the tiramisu which had chocolate ice cream and crumble over it:

It was quite a different sort of tiramisu and I only tried the ice cream, which was creamy and light and the crumble stuff which I wasn’t sure what it was, as it kept melting with the ice cream too.

Overall a tasty introduction to the dish and I was assured it was very good!

Rating: difficult to rate

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