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Day 235 – Mousse it is

I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry tonight, and actually had dinner waiting for me at home, despite tagging along to a post-late work dinner. Whilst scanning through the menu at The Globe, all I could think about was fries and the dessert I saw on their blackboard specials. There really wasn’t anything else that was remotely attractive or tantalizing to me, especially since the menu is chocka full of wheat and gluten.

So as everyone else ordered their pies, burgers, steaks and salads, I ordered mousse. But it wasn’t just any mousse, it was a dark chocolate mousse! As someone mentioned, nothing sounds wrong with any of those words. They kindly brought it out with the rest of the mains, and I tucked in with a teaspoon (it just tastes better).

It’s a pub, so it’s not so well lit inside, which makes the cream on top look like scrambled eggs, but trust me, it was far from a savoury mess. It could have done without the extra cream on top, but I wasn’t complaining. Delightfully light and smooth, the mousse was sweet and rich in chocolately flavour. It was pretty dark, and I, to my surprise was only able to finish half! I kindly shared with the others as they made their way through their heavy meals, upon when they needed something a little sweet to finish it off. And this was the perfect thing.

Rating: 5/5

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