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Day 174 – Too good for you

A friend was given this bar to try and she kindly shared with me…

Stephen James Luxury Organics Choco Bar – it’s almost a fashion label that begs for an elite clientele. The packaging it cute and attractive, with quite a different sort of style to the whole raw food organic nature of the product and the luxury angle this brand is taking. Either way, the bar looks exactly as pictured on the website, so expectations will easily be met.

The bar itself was chocka full of nuts and seeds held together with the dates and flower nectar. I don’t doubt that it’s incredibly healthy and good for you, and each item is raw, pre-soaked and dehydrated ensuring all the goodness remains within. It seems like the perfect bar for a raw foodist!

I peeled off a section of the bar, it was quite soft and sticky. It was sweet (of the natural kind)… and nutty… got a little stuck in the teeth which I worked out… hmm I wasn’t sure about it. It’s not the sort of thing that floats my boat, but if I was in desperate need of a snack and had nothing else around I’d have one of these easily. A few moments later I found myself going for another bit. It wasn’t that bad, and it was starting to grow on me a bit. Or maybe it’s the moreish factor of the nuts? Who knows.

Rating: 2.5/5

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