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Day 390 – Chocolate capsule

Today we had a visit from a local coffee company who were presenting their capsule machines for home/office use. The slim machine looked sleek in black and metal trimmings. It held a litre of water, a simple 4 button operation and a lever to plug in the capsule. Very cute. Little did I expect was that they had a chocolate capsule!

The guy went on to explain that the concept and capsules were from Germany by a company who always have a chocolate brand – Kruger! I eagerly awaited to try the hot chocolate.

We went through three coffees (which I’m not complaining about) – the single Colombian and espresso blend were surprisingly good. None of us were in the mood for the teas so we skipped that and went for the chocolate.

The glass used was an espresso glass and the lady demonstrating ran the machine to give a longer pour as it usually is for a larger cup.

The crema, if you can call it that for hot chocolate was beautifully silky and fluffy, like whipped egg whites and the chocolate liquid filled the glass creating a few inches of warm inviting goodness.

I went straight in for a sip… It was thick and rich, and full of chocolatey flavour! So many capsule/pod based chocolates are either very watery or powdery. This was neither. The others had a sip to taste and I finished it off.

Definitely a satisfying cup! They kindly left the machine with us to trial and boxes of samples to try the different flavours of coffees, teas and of course the chocolate. Later that afternoon I made myself another long chocopresso. Yes. That word is made up.



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Day 250 – Night cap

It was long past elevenses, and I didn’t really want anything heavy so remembered about having a warm glass of milk, with cocoa!

It’s quite a dark cocoa powder, and after adding some sugar, I sat in the kitchen while I drank this warm cauldron of chocolate. Ahhh a perfect night cap.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 219 – Not so hot

This was another hot chocolate I had earlier in the day… Vittoria.

Not commonly found in HK, only a few places use this brand and you can buy the coffee in shops. The hot chocolate was made from a powder and I think it was UHT milk so it was very watery and not very chocolatey. I wasn’t impressed. The milk filled me up so I felt a bit sickly after a while. Good thing the Vero hot chocolate (from the previous post) was coming soon.

Rating: 1/5

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Day 205 – At Emma’s

Up in Song Pan there was a cozy western-style diner catering for all the international travelers coming through (yes there’s a price attached to it). Emma’s, run by Emma herself and her brother are uber friendly and chatty and ready to welcome you to the neighbourhood through good ole home cooking.

Apart from the banana pancakes, yak burgers, pizzas, spaghetti, yak meat fried rice, yak yoghurt & fruit and great arabica coffee, we also had this –

Hot chocolate, Tibetan style. I wasn’t sure if it was from yak milk but a layer of coagulated milk at the top formed if you left it long enough so they definitely heated it up over the stove. Hmm. It wasn’t as chocolately as I’d have liked, but really when you’re up in the middle of nowhere with limited access to anything, you really can’t complain. It was just nice to have something warm and comforting in the cold!

Rating: 3.5/5

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Day 151 – Fancy a swiss miss

Felt like a bit of a chocolate overload tonight, with an indulgent dark chocolate sensation Swiss Miss hot chocolate in a Cadbury’s mini eggs mug. Yep that’s how we roll on Monday nights:)

I’m dubious about packet powdered chocolate mixes.. especially ones with tall claims such as “premium cocoa and fresh milk”… really?!!

Since there was milk in the sachet, I used half milk and half hot water for my delicious evening treat. It looked a bit weird and frothy, but I wasn’t about to scoop the bubbles out of this one, so let it settle a bit before taking the first few sips. I think the taste of this one, in contrast to the previous hot chocolate on day #18, improved as I continued drinking it! Mind you the former hot chocolate was being used it to cure a headache.

Hmm.. it actually was really milky and smooth and very very easy to drink! I started pretty slow, hesitant but quickly finished the cauldron of chocolate. I’m pretty sold on little Swiss Miss. Might have to take her home..

Rating: 4.5/5

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Day 122 – Somewhere else

There’s a street in HK that I would love to live on and have my own little place.. it’s quiet and very un-HK. Princes Terrace just off the escalators is a wide little alley with potted plants and greenery lining either side. There are a few shops and galleries but for the most part it’s residential and a lovely area to walk through with your dogs.

Quaint Cafe Lavande carries its Europeanesque style nicely with large windows, canopy, blackboard menu and homely interiors. Given the lovely weather we decided to join the pet lovers and smokers outside. Sadly there was not much on the menu for me to enjoy, and though the patisserie cabinet was mouth watering, it was just a coffee for me. My coffee date decided to go for the 70% valhrona hot chocolate, and as well as sounding absolutely divine, it looked equally amazing:

We spent a fair bit of time admiring the awesome mug and the antique cutlery… and it smelt richly of chocolate. I can only describe what it was like to watch it be sipped and the enjoyment was not missed. It was milky and frothy with chocolate shavings on top and also chocolate pieces that hadn’t melted inside hmmm… the mug was nursed well over our conversation, and with help of the metal spatula-spoon nothing was left remaining. Next time I’m ordering that!!

Rating: when I get a chance to order it next

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Day 90 – Spiced cocoa drink

We were just mooching around town today and came across this little cute kiosk of a shop called Kami Teapresso, tea – matcha – chocolat. Always attracted to good looking brands, I headed straight for the counter to find out more about it.

Kami Teapresso specialises in tea, green teas and chocolate with espresso shots, and this is the first shop in HK. The owner was very friendly in explaining the drinks and that the hot chocolates are actually made with 100% Valrhona so are extremely dark. In disbelief I asked to see the cocoa product, to which he proudly presented the box and it was indeed 100% Valrhona cocoa! I had to try it so went for the spiced cocoa, imaging a lovely warming christmasy drink.

The drink smelt wonderful, with smells of cinnamon and nutmeg brewing from the milky chocolatey liquid. I decided to drink through the stirrer straw instead of the spout, as it was easier to continue shopping around the mall in this manner. The spiced cocoa wasn’t bad, I think I wanted to like it, but the added cinnamon and nutmeg made it very powdery which I’m not a fan of and even though it was evenly distributed throughout the drink, it just made it less enjoyable. I think if the chocolate had been brought to the boil with cinnamon sticks and nutmeg rind it would have a more delicate and richer flavour. But of course this preparation would take a lot longer.

I should have gone with the recommendations on their menu and stuck with a hot cocoa!

Rating: 3.5/5

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Day 70 – Liquid gold

It’s currently 7degrees and being cold is an understatement. Nevertheless it’s perfect weather for a good old hot chocolate, and today I was able to enjoy a tall mug at Holly Brown (it was only $4 more than the short, so I just had to splash out a bit).

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought the same thing, as the barista kept calling out ‘tall hot chocolate’ from the counter and I think I accidentally jumped the queue by picking one up just after placing an order, but oh well I’m sure no one would’ve complained once they collected their caldron of chocolate:

They prepare the chocolate mixture by combining the powder with full cream milk and steaming it upon demand. It was quite sweet and incredibly rich, and thick!! Basically it’s a cup of warm melted chocolate hmmm… grab a couch, peel off the layers and enjoy nursing the mug over a good conversation:)

With the sharp weather and the rich hot chocolate I couldn’t help but reminisce of a winter trip to Venice, all wrapped up with ear muffs where we had the thickest melted chocolate I’ve ever had!! It was served in a double shot cup with cream on top and you had to sip it slowly as it was too thick to take it any other way. It was good and the Holly Brown hot chocolate comes very close. Go on, give it a go.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 18 – Doctor’s prescription

Chocolate is widely known for it’s medicinal properties, and though I didn’t think my taste buds would be up for chocolate today, Google helped clarify a few things…

Chocolate acts as an antiseptic, diuretic, parasiticide, and pilatory.  It is used to treat burns, cough, listlessness, pregnancy, and snake bite.*  Cocoa has theobromine which has a similar effect to that of caffeine.  It stimulates the muscles, heart, and kidneys.  In fact, it can relieve congestion during colds by simply opening the bronchial passages in the lungs.

It’s for the last diagnosis that I turn to chocolate as my healing remedy… with a heavy head, blocked and runny nose, sore throat and generally feeling floppy, my dislike for pharmaceuticals means going the natural way in letting this cold run it’s course.

But as Dr.Google prescribes – chocolate is the cure. For optimum results I decided to go for a hot chocolate, as we all well know liquids are absorbed faster into the body. It’s always difficult finding a good hot chocolate, I do know of one which I will post about at some point… but in the meantime, there’s a Lavazza coffee/tea making machine in the office and so trading in my daily coffee (another blog perhaps?) I went for the chocolate sachet. It looks more like an instant pudding mix, and a colleague had previously tried it saying it was watery and so it’s not looking very promising.

Simply add hot water to the dark brown powder.. and stir.

Ignoring the bubbles as some might spoon them out, the first sip was surprisingly chocolaty and smooth. After a few more gulps, I was starting to feel a little clearer headed and the sinuses sharpened up. It works! My faith in chocolate never wavered.

The remaining cup wasn’t as great, in fact it was terrible. The instant powdery-ness, sugar and whatever additives became evident, maybe as a result of having my senses clear up ha. Of course, chocolate is a stimulant and so there will be a general perkiness, but I’m not betting on the lasting effects. Hopefully it’ll get me through the next few hours.

Rating: 2.5/5

*Random thoughts: Pregnancy is listed among other ailments, are we treating the pregnancy or the side effects of it?  Also, snake bites – do you eat the chocolate, or rub it on the bite? I think I’d do both just in case.

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Day 15 – Like water for chocolate

I had a Flake today, and since there’s a post on that already, let’s look at chocolate in film…

If you haven’t seen this film, you should. With stunning Mexican cinematography, themes of love, desire and duty are beautifully and aching displayed through the main characters Pedro (super hot Marco Leonardi also in Cinema Paradiso) and Tita and food! Ok the film is not specifically about chocolate, but it’s in the title and there’s more to it…

Based on Laura Esquivel’s first novel of the same name, como agua para chocolate is actually a common Spanish expression deriving from their hot chocolate making methods. When making hot chocolate water is used instead of milk, and it is brought to the boil then chocolate is added in and melted (might have to try this sometime!). The expression is used to describe the build up of passion, desire or even anger to the point that it’s boiling over ready to consume something… phew, is it getting hot in here?!

Another common usage is to say how perfect something is for the other and in the case of a good hot chocolate, it’s like water for chocolate.

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