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Day 340 – Top it off

A day with warm hospitality and company, a scrumptious spread of homebaked pies, coca cola wings (seriously was tasty), Stilton and pumpkin and sweet potato fries.. you wonder how it could get better!!

Well it did… with Haagen Daaz’ cappucino truffle ice cream and a nespresso coffee:

Rating: 4/5 (needed more truffles!)

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Day 268 – Back for more

I knew it wouldn’t be long until I went back for more of these… I blame convenience stores for my growing waistline.

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Day 264 – Lippolis

Lippolis, fine Italian ice cream, we had to line up to get a sample of these, but it was difficult as you couldn’t see the flavours until you were right up by the counter and then you were under pressure as the man was standing poised ready with the scoop and cup, waiting for you to choose. There was no time for sampling flavours so I quickly made a decision with chocolate and hazelnut. Yep it was basically a Ferrero Rocher and was amazing! The ice cream was smooth and the chocolate nice and rich. There was, of course a technique to getting the right amount of chocolate and hazelnut to have the perfect combination of flavours in your mouth. But really, you couldn’t go wrong. Each spoonful was heavenly and I mmm’d after every mouthful.

Rating: 5/5

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