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Day 303 – Mine

Decided to get myself a big box of Lindor balls… Because I’m worth it (a much more appropriate slogan than for beauty care!)


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Posted by on August 4, 2011 in chocolate, dark


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Day 54 – The dark side

I was absolutely craving the death star today, so much so that I was salivating (seriously).. and went on a mission to find some. Unfortunately I had done some christmas shopping before hand, and it was more of a hinderance as I had to lug everything around whilst trying to find a store. Watson’s surprisingly didn’t have any of the 3packs and 7-11 was not convenient at all so found a supermarket and weaved my way through the aisles to the confectionery section.

Clocking the beautiful red box I noticed the black one next to it – Lindor Dark. Yes. That is the one.

After quickly paying and exiting the store, I opened the box for some sweet indulgence. It’s strangely not like the death star ones but more like something else, which I won’t mention as I completely demolished the first two in succession.

These ones have a harder coating, of course being darker and the creamy center was firmer but definitely still delectable! I’m not sure which one I prefer, I might need to get them all lined up for a taste test.. hmmm that’s a good idea. After reading the Lindor story it really is a good idea for Christmas, as the balls were made especially!

Rating: 5/5

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Posted by on November 30, 2010 in chocolate, dark


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