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Day 178 – German ties

We recently were paid a visit by my dad’s uncle’s son’s daughter. I’ll give you a moment to get your head around that. A lovely lady from Germany; my dad’s uncle married a German woman so it’s kinda strange thinking that I have European relatives!

She brought along family photo albums and stories to share about her brother, a well known chef in living in Chicago with his family and others in the UK and back home. It was fascinating finding out about people who are strangers and yet not. Just as exciting, she brought all the way from her motherland, a large stash of chocolate!! There’s no doubt we’re family as she clearly was a chocolate lover. These were some of them –

Niederegger is a famous marzipan maker since 1806 and is ‘made with love’ by the Niederegger family. I’m not really a fan of marzipan (oh that rhymes) but gave these guys a go. The raspberry one was a lot more palatable for me, as the flavour reminded me a little of a cherry red, but the almond paste was smoother and finer than the sweetened dessicated coconut. The milk chocolate surrounding it was as expected sweet and milky. Again, not my first choice.

The other one was plain and had a strong almond/marzipan-y taste so really wasn’t my sort of treat. I think I had eaten them as my last option as I didn’t have anything else around me and I was getting hungry! Probably wasn’t the best to go with something that I wasn’t much a fan of so it wasn’t satisfying for me. I’m sure marzipan lovers would adore these so if you come across them, give them a chance.

Rating: 1/5

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