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Day 173 – Super deal

After lunch we were sauntering around three sixty today and of course ended up browsing through the chocolate selection, which has extended it’s display to accommodate the Easter delectables.

Then we saw these….

What a deal!! $5 for Green & Black’s Maya Gold, an ultimate favourite of mine (as per post #17 ). Provided the expiry date is this Saturday, there’s still a good 4 days till then! So two slabs were bought and they’ve pretty much been consumed with a little help from some other dark chocolate lovers. Any friend of chocolate is a friend of mine.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 17 – Christmas in a chocolate bar

As I write about today’s chocolate, a wave of fond memories wash upon the shore of my mind…

The English Green & Black’s Maya Gold bar frequently travelled around town with me, never wanting to be too far away from it I always kept a bar close. At that time it was only found in a few select organic or luxury stores and so it wasn’t easy to come by. Since then, a new distributor has taken over and thought to spread the love by placing them in every 7-11 and supermarket around HK. Ironically, this did not make me happy. Gone was the exclusivity and secrecy of this amazing chocolate, which now common chocolate eaters, who obviously wouldn’t recognise the stellar nature of this bar compared to an ordinary, every day snack bar, had access to as well. Ha ok I wasn’t that bitter, but things changed after that and I don’t even remember the last time I bought a bar of this chocolate, which is quite sad.

The picture below was taken at work during those Maya Gold infatuation days, you can probably tell as there’s a little more chub on the face! Admittedly this bar is not liked by all, it is dark and orange (so naturally it appeals to me) warmly spiced with cinnamon, nutmug and vanilla – honestly it’s like Christmas!! All you need is a small square to melt in your mouth and you’re whisked away to that festive season. There are a few other items that can do that including gingerbread lattes mmmm:)

On that note, I might get a bar today just for old times sake, and it is two months till Christmas eve!

Rating: 5/5

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