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Day 385 – Great discovery

On my way home last night I was somewhat blinded by these bright shining lights.. stunned, I stopped and looked up and saw the sign “The American Store”. Seriously that’s the name and as I step in I started to giddy from the sugar high I’m taking in with my eyes – rows upon rows of candy and sweets of all sorts beamed back at me. Kitsch packaging, tins and toys that you’d be stretched to find elsewhere in HK, we’re neatly lined up and waiting to be taken home.

I immediately pick up a few keepsake tins and a pack of these M&M dark mints! Savouring the next day, they sure were minty, almost like a mouth freshener and the dark chocolate wasn’t too sweet which seemed to balance it out. I quickly work my way through the packet, doing the polite thing and offering it around (only once). Might have to pick up another pack or two on my way home next time.


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Day 33 – Salty sweet

Yep they’re M&M’s pretzels and they came from the States via Mrs. Ma (thankyou!).

Despite it’s long journey, I wasn’t much of a fan of the sweet milk chocolate and then a salty biscuit. So it definitely was one to share around the office ha! A colleague actually preferred these to the originals, seriously and another one shook the bag around to pick out his favourite colour – blue. I guess everyone has their own M&M’s eating habits. After a brief discussion, the general consensus was that the peanut ones were the favourites.

Rating: 1/5

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