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Day 384 – Oh those OJs

I love these Jaffas! The sweet crunchy red shell with a dark orange chocolate interior… it’s a great treat at any time of the day!


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Day 85 – Grand orange finale

If you have been reading thus far, you would know by now I adore orange flavoured chocolate and so thought to finish the year with this stunner of a bar:

Galler – Pure Cocoa Orange is nicely sized dark chocolate bar with a thick chocolate layer and a creamy orange filling. This is how they describe it –

This dark chocolate bar has a delicate, lightly sugared cream inside. The pieces of candied orange add an additional texture that brings a certain structure to the crunchiness of the chocolate and the mellowness of the cream, reminding us of the candied fruits of Provence.

This chocolate bar also represents a marriage of two kinds of bitterness : the warm bitterness of the cocoa and the fruity bitterness of the orange. The cream harmonizes this union.

It’s not the most poetic of descriptions, but it is indeed accurate and it was scrumptious! The cream was light and fluffy and the firm dark chocolate perfected the union. I guess these Belgian chocolatiers know what they’re doing. Thanks Jean Galler!

Rating: 5/5

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