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Day 22 – Longing for the land of long white clouds

How did “National Chocolate Day” manage to escape me?! It was yesterday (or currently today in the States)… why would you even have a national chocolate day? A day set aside to celebrate chocolate gods and indulge in chocolate goodies without feeling guilt?! Wevs. I celebrate and indulge in chocolate every day, with no guilt so I’m not too phased to have missed it, and wikipedia doesn’t seem to care much either.

Ok, so on to today’s chocolate. Unfortunately I can only reminisce about this one as sadly there’s none on hand, but with today’s crisp New Zealand-esque air and blue skies, I can’t help but long for a Whittaker’s Dark Sante Bar to dip into my coffee and mooch around the windy Wellington harbourfront.

Of course it’s by my favourite NZ chocolatier’s Whittaker & Sons, which featured on day 8, my reliable and trustworthy rock of chocolates. The dark creamy bar patiently melts at the right pace so you can savour every last bite of chocolate and sip of coffee. It’s genius really. All the good cafes in NZ have these bars by the counter so you can add them to your takeaway purchase and delight in at your own pleasure.

Really wish I was there, sigh… good coffee, good chocolate, beautiful scenery – what more do you need?

Rating: 5/5

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