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Day 52 – The white version

So today there was a whole lotta chocolate, starting from about 8:30am with espresso pillows, hazelnut dairy milk, ice cream and this –

This is the first time I’ve seen white Reese’s, and it was just a little weird. A friend, a white chocolate lover got them and was kind enough to share. This is what they looked like… little bleached cups.

They were incredibly sweet, and the peanut filling was the same as the milk ones, with a thick and creamy texture. After each small bite I had to take a sip or two of my long black just to temper the sweetness. I couldn’t finish even half a cup and by that time my coffee had run out as well, so I left it at that.

It wasn’t really my cup of tea, and admittedly I’m not much of a fan of Hersey’s chocolates because of their super sweetness, but the dark option would be interesting to try.

Rating: 2/5

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