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Day 382 – Dark knight

I’m off to see Dark Knight Rises tonight in IMAX! Very excited and I’m rather proud that I’ve kept sheltered from all trailers, reviews and commentaries about this.

Unlike other caramel bars made with milk chocolate, Whittaker’s dark caramel doesn’t melt into a gooey mess (albeit a delicious one) making it the perfect movie companion. I’ve just opened it for a little nibble to get the day going.


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Day 22 – Longing for the land of long white clouds

How did “National Chocolate Day” manage to escape me?! It was yesterday (or currently today in the States)… why would you even have a national chocolate day? A day set aside to celebrate chocolate gods and indulge in chocolate goodies without feeling guilt?! Wevs. I celebrate and indulge in chocolate every day, with no guilt so I’m not too phased to have missed it, and wikipedia doesn’t seem to care much either.

Ok, so on to today’s chocolate. Unfortunately I can only reminisce about this one as sadly there’s none on hand, but with today’s crisp New Zealand-esque air and blue skies, I can’t help but long for a Whittaker’s Dark Sante Bar to dip into my coffee and mooch around the windy Wellington harbourfront.

Of course it’s by my favourite NZ chocolatier’s Whittaker & Sons, which featured on day 8, my reliable and trustworthy rock of chocolates. The dark creamy bar patiently melts at the right pace so you can savour every last bite of chocolate and sip of coffee. It’s genius really. All the good cafes in NZ have these bars by the counter so you can add them to your takeaway purchase and delight in at your own pleasure.

Really wish I was there, sigh… good coffee, good chocolate, beautiful scenery – what more do you need?

Rating: 5/5

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Day 8 – Reliable and trustworthy

I need something to cheer me up. I’m not trying to find an excuse to have chocolate – you never need one; if you want it, eat it. But right now I want something that’s good, something I know I can rely on and trust to taste so amazing that it just takes my mind of whatever I’m feeling and all my attention is focused on enjoying that piece of delicious goodness.

Being born and partially breed in NZ, I have a natural affinity to quality food, dairy products – cheese and ice cream, coffee, clean air, grass, space… (the list can go on) but of course good chocolate. One of my classic favourites is Whittaker’s which is made in New Zealand by J.H Whittaker & Sons Limited since 1896. With numerous blocks of varying flavours, it’s not uncommon to find a pile of these gold blocks in the pantry. I think the record for us was 18!!

My rock of chocolates is Whittaker’s Zestful Dark Orange. Yes. Dark, orange and amazing.

Described as ‘orange peel in dark chocolate block’, it’s best eaten at room temperature and there are no unwanted surprises. The dark chocolate is smooth and creamy, and the glazed orange peel is evenly distributed throughout to add a lovely texture and flavour. It’s a nice one to share (holding onto a 250g block of chocolate is a bit piggy), but I’ve found a lot of people don’t like orange flavoured chocolate… or maybe it’s only those people I offer and I do so knowingly. ha

In HK it can be found in a few places: NZ Focus, a NZ concept store in Causeway Bay and in threesixty. Look out for it, or any of it’s siblings, you can’t actually go wrong with Whittaker’s.

Rating: it’s realiable, it’s trustworthy, it’s off my scale:)

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